“Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.”

Japanese proverb

Thanks for following along on this project to define the Righteous Way Priorities. It is important to set our priorities straight in life. Maybe you agree with what I’m proposing, maybe you disagree – either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you set your priorities? In what order would you align those I listed? Did I leave anything out that you feel should be included?

I’ve been working on this for the past seven weeks and it became really apparent early on that a blog series is insufficient. What I’ve shared with you is a seed or outline of a bigger project that I think can really be fleshed out. This will take time to accomplish but it has already been started.

A few concepts I feel need to be included but act more as an overlay than a particular priority – gratitude, friendship, and wealth. I think these three saturate each level and should be handled differently than a tier list.

Gratitude – It is so ever important to be thankful for what we are given. God’s blessings of people, challenges, victories, materials, opportunities and even failures with the lessons they bring – all deserve gratitude. An action of prayer upward and a sense of humility goes a long way in developing our character and sharing in the fruits of life.

Friendship – Friendship and fellowship are really important for us as humans. You need to interact and share in good, healthy relationships. It creates shared moments and enriches life. We can be friends with our spouses, siblings, the people we serve, and even our Lord. As Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that a person will lay down his life for his friends,” (John 15:13). Each priority tier has the opportunity to build a friendship and share company. We have to balance between the number of friends we can reliably have versus how much time we can develop each relationship. Just the same, not each relationship needs to be our “best friend” but you never know who or why God puts particular people in our life until we grow in it. It’s also of note that friends may come and go with a particular season of life, and that’s ok. We can be grateful for the time we have with them.

Wealth – Fickle subject. You can do extraordinary good or ruin your soul with it. Scripture gives us much caution about it. The use of money requires wisdom on how to obtain it, put it to work, and spend it. When ordered correctly, it can strengthen each Righteous Priority by creating opportunities and giving back in the ways put on your heart. Financial guru, Dave Ramsey would say to build your house so you can give outrageously in the future. Whatever your financial situation, it will impact your priorities, direct your workflow, and give purpose to giving.

Thanks again for following along with this series. If this was fruitful for you, I’d love to know how. Send me a line!

Keep going out there. You have a great life in your hands, go make the most of it.

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