And now I begin…

I was required to start a blog for my digital media arts course during my last semester of school. I wrote about my various projects and thoughts on the DMA subjects my professor would require us to write upon. Today, I’m advancing my subject matter.

While I’m not a professional writer, I do enjoy writing fiction for the sake of telling a story. (No, I’m not published, but hope to someday be.) Telling a story is important. It captures the imagination and makes the mind move. While my imagination is vivid and creative I don’t want to use this space to create fiction. I want to use this medium to write the thoughts of the age. From the perspective of a 21st century American man looking at a world in change.

Today and tomorrow, like yesterday, has its questions. What is right? What is wrong? Where are we going? How do we get there? I want to use this space to talk about these questions. I want to explore different narratives and tones. And most of all, I want to start a dialog. I welcome you to follow along to agree or disagree. In a relativistic world where anything goes, I’ll write on anything.

And now I begin…

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