Rebuild Discipline

“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison

Our youngest, Kateri, is seven months old. I’ve learned that when the babies come, routine discipline takes hits. And it should. All hands on deck for not only the mommy and baby but for forming the new way of life that is taking the weight of adding to your family. I’ve also learned it takes a little grace to walk through it.

But it’s time to get back at, to rebuild discipline. Not as it was, but to refine forward knowing what life is like with our family of five. That refining is built across three fronts – Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. From there, everything else begins to fall in line. 

Post-delivery, discipline begins to atrophy. It takes intention to bring it back to life. So maybe you haven’t had a baby recently. Maybe something else has caused the discipline to atrophy in key areas of your life. Maybe that lack of discipline is beating up your prayer life, your productivity, and your relationships. Focus on that for a minute. Write it down. Then get intentional to pick it back up or refine forward. 

Adam Jarosz

Founder/Leadership Coach

Righteous Co.

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