Righteous Discipline

“Where does discipline come from? This is a simple answer. Discipline comes from within. Discipline is an internal force.”

Jocko Wilink

I alluded to the challenge our mastermind leader put forth, to come up with a word to serve as a guiding mission for the year. After pondering and prayer I settled on two and ended up coupling them, Righteousness and Discipline. 

There is no shortage of gritty people offering advice on discipline, including my favorite ex-Seal Jocko Willink. I recognize hard things to come over this year, and I know I need to get gritty and focused. But not with the pomp that comes with the discussion but because of the heart of it. 

That’s where righteousness comes in. Not only is it the founding principle for the company but a call to be implemented in practice. So, for the year, to accomplish the hard things, I’ll be using righteous discipline

One of the brilliant guys in the group sent me a message after talking about it at our meeting yesterday;

“The society lady told the brilliant pianist, “Maestro, you’re a genius.” The maestro replied with a smile, “Thank you, madam, but before I was a genius I was a bore.” His apparently effortless artistry was the byproduct of hours and hours of unseen, disciplined practice.

Our world applauds the glitter of genius, but it does not always appreciate the drudgery of discipline. When trouble comes we react, sometimes with courage, sometimes with cowardice. Occasionally when the pressure is on, we instinctively know exactly what to do. At other times we flounder. To a large extent, our reaction has been determined before the pressure arrives.

As with the artist who has practiced, it is the hidden hours of discipline that determine our performance under pressure. The battle is won before the battle is begun. Remember that.” – David Brader

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See you on the Mountain!

Adam Jarosz

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