Big Rocks vs Little Rocks

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

I saw a presentation a long time ago that stuck with me. The presenter was talking about how to lay out your priorities in planning. He started by talking about how everything is constantly vying for your attention, to equal urgency – self-imposed or otherwise. It’s our job to give them a priority.

So he then placed a jar on the table representing our ability to produce. On the side were pebbles and rocks of various sizes with a cup of sand – representing all the things to be done.

If you take all the little things and put them in first, the big rocks don’t fit in the container. Try again. 

If you carefully place the big rocks in first, then the pebbles fit snuggly around it, and the sand falls in between.

There are many ways to approach the topic of priority, but be clear on what those big rocks are in your life. If you don’t put them first, you’ll never get to them. The jar just fills with the busyness of sand. You don’t want to look up months or years later and have missed the opportunity. Even if that is the case, there is no time like the present to dump the jar and try again.

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One thought on “Big Rocks vs Little Rocks

  1. Hi Adam,
    I also have seen this presentation many times. Thing is, if your take care of the little things, the big things also fall into place much easier. The sand is the everyday projects we need to perform, when we do our projects well, the sand is easier to fall into the cracks and fill up our lives. Sometimes the weeds will form inbetween the rocks, but if we perform well, the weeds will wither and fade away, but the rocks, pebbles and sand will remain. The weeds as in todays gospel, will burn up and will not be able to sway our lives towards the evil one.

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