Rebuild Discipline

“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison

Our youngest, Kateri, is seven months old. I’ve learned that when the babies come, routine discipline takes hits. And it should. All hands on deck for not only the mommy and baby but for forming the new way of life that is taking the weight of adding to your family. I’ve also learned it takes a little grace to walk through it.

But it’s time to get back at, to rebuild discipline. Not as it was, but to refine forward knowing what life is like with our family of five. That refining is built across three fronts – Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. From there, everything else begins to fall in line. 

Post-delivery, discipline begins to atrophy. It takes intention to bring it back to life. So maybe you haven’t had a baby recently. Maybe something else has caused the discipline to atrophy in key areas of your life. Maybe that lack of discipline is beating up your prayer life, your productivity, and your relationships. Focus on that for a minute. Write it down. Then get intentional to pick it back up or refine forward. 

Adam Jarosz

Founder/Leadership Coach

Righteous Co.

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Living the Definition of Insanity?

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein.
Feel like you’re living out the definition of insanity of repeating the same mistakes over again and expecting different results?

Change it up. Square up the problem and take charge by applying yourself differently to it.
1. Change your scenery – get out of your workspace, clear your head, and go somewhere new.
2. Get perspective from someone you know and trust or a pro like a spiritual advisor, coach, or counselor.
3. Apply a different set of rules from what you’ve been doing to solve it. A different set of actions. A different set of expected outcomes. A different timeline.
4. Apply the effort and be persistent and consistent.

Don’t let a challenge beat you and submit the white flag. Reset and conquer.

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Don’t Process People

Stop. What’s the experience of the people you serve?

We all serve someone; customers, parishioners, clients, family. Are they just a number or sale? Or an integral and valued member?

People know when they’re just being processed, are you taking the time to actually connect? Personalize, make it relational. All sorts of studies and surveys tell the same story that you shouldn’t need to research: people care about what you have to offer when you care about them.

Either ministry, business, or family: stop and consider how you’re presenting yourself as you serve them. Add a personal touch like a note, a coffee, a call. Ask about their life other than one of your offerings. You’re creative, you can come up with the how. Sometimes, like myself, we just need to look up from the grind.

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“Why Can Life Be So Difficult?”

Why can life be difficult? Does this sound familiar…

“But I prayed about it and nothing happened.”
“I tried so hard.”
“God isn’t listening.”
“It’s not fair!”
“I’m not privileged.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m not _____ enough.”

The conversation and effort can end there, sure. You can give up and despair. But then you missed something…

You missed the growth you’ve achieved from hardship. The lesson of resiliency. The grit that only comes from failure and a bloody nose.
Maybe that prayer is answered in a way that makes you stronger, not more comfortable.
So whatever hits you’re taking now, you’re designed for great things. Get at it.
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3 Million – A Shorty

The fire grew intense — it needed to be on this cold early spring evening. The Man settled back into his seat after putting two more logs on. He pulled his fur overcoat tighter as he looked deeply into the flames. The light flickered and danced boldly across his weathered face.

The shore gently lapped as the water came up and retreated. Wave after wave created the white noise to trance the most active mind. The Man reflected, soul stretched farther than any man before him.

He exhaled sharply as a chill ran up his back and drew closer to the fire. The crimson light of the smoldering fire faded in the sand and rocks on the beach. His eyes followed the next source of light above him, the reflective shards of the shattered moon. Time trudged passed as The Man sat warming himself — feeling the searing heat felt on his knees and face but slow to warm his core.

The Man’s mind wandered as it often did to his time spent alone in life. He’s seen much. Loved some. Lost more. Fought some. Prayed more.

The fire crackled and popped. The orange and white embers at the heart of the flames oscillated color. The mature flame consumed with a peaceful allure.

The flames brought The Man’s mind back to sitting around the cooking fire with his daughters. There had never been anything better in life than returning from a hunt to his babies. They would run back and forth in their little moccasins from the fires back then, entertained by a simple stick game; how close could they run up with dried leaves on a stick and not have it catch fire. Then scamper backward giggling.

Life was much less complicated then, that was the life of living. No matter how much you’ve been given, time doesn’t heal all wounds. Outliving his daughters, tribe, country, kind, still sits with him all these years later. He holds onto the hope of seeing them again but he’s lost track of how much time he actually has left.


Since the life sentence was delivered by the messenger, The Man did his best. One sees much in three million years. Try as he may, death and age never found him. A hundred years pass since he was born as a Cheyenne and saw the rise of skyscrapers in New York. A thousand years pass to step foot on Ganymede. Ten thousand to see a genetic divergence from Homo sapiens. A hundred thousand to see the start of man’s final demise with the eruption of Yellowstone. A couple million more of watching and praying for lives lost eons ago.

The fire has since dwindled as he made yet another evening’s worth of reflection. The glowing hot tōtara embers radiated.

A set of footsteps approached in the sand and pebble mixture behind him in the dark early morning. The Man was unfazed. There was something that caught The Man’s attention, something he hadn’t heard in a long time, words.

He didn’t break his gaze from the coals, knees still roasting warm. Steam rising off him.

“Peter’s ready for you,” the messenger said in The Man’s native Cheyenne. A long pause without breaking gaze before The Man smiled. “You’re the last one,” the messenger continued in another language long extinct.

The Man rose from his seat and turned. Greeted his visitor and they walked away from the heat to go home.

Dad Life Ponderings Continue

Life is a bit of a whirlwind now. So many moving pieces, none more important than raising our family. This is a tough season. I came home late from work, house quiet after earlier texts from Ani of battling our little guy. All quiet on the Western Front now.

This is a rare type of moment, to have a quiet house these days, usually after the kids “are in bed”. But I’m just pondering all these things as I sit in the rocking chair across from our 6mo old Kateri in her crib.

I’m thankful for the peace but I don’t long for it. The action is being in the game. While the hours and efforts of labor are long, the craziness of being home is where the heart is. Thanks to my wife @pierogalini for riding the bronco of 3-four and under. I know it’s crazy, but I love you and you’re a rockstar.

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Newborn Ponderings

One of my favorite (but happy when it’s over) moments as a dad with newborns is the late-night ponderings. Often pacing and swaying with baby in arm you think about life as seconds tick by. Those seconds can feel so long on little sleep but those are seconds you won’t get back. They’re already done. Before you know it, newborn time is done.

The thoughts I had last night were about how amazing the newborn experience is. We’re formed in a comfy warm womb, we know little of the outside. When Kateri was ready, out she came, through a rather traumatic experience for a baby, into a different experience. From breathing liquid to air, using new senses of light and smell, now having poop squirt out your butt, and having to work for your food in the mouth you didn’t think needed before.

I then thought about how that experience is always unfolding or needing to unfold for us later. How a traumatic and challenging moment can force us to grow and use new senses. From one world to another. But we’re made for it. Right from the beginning.

So if Kateri can do it. You can too right now. Whatever challenge you find yourself in, embrace the cross. Lean into it. It’s different and difficult, but wow it’s worth it when you find you have room to grow.

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