Don’t Process People

Stop. What’s the experience of the people you serve?

We all serve someone; customers, parishioners, clients, family. Are they just a number or sale? Or an integral and valued member?

People know when they’re just being processed, are you taking the time to actually connect? Personalize, make it relational. All sorts of studies and surveys tell the same story that you shouldn’t need to research: people care about what you have to offer when you care about them.

Either ministry, business, or family: stop and consider how you’re presenting yourself as you serve them. Add a personal touch like a note, a coffee, a call. Ask about their life other than one of your offerings. You’re creative, you can come up with the how. Sometimes, like myself, we just need to look up from the grind.

#dream #do #berighteous #serve #makeitpersonal

Best of the socials! This is transferred from the Righteous Co. Instagram page to put writings in one location. Follow along @righteousco for more Righteous content.

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