Dad Life Ponderings Continue

Life is a bit of a whirlwind now. So many moving pieces, none more important than raising our family. This is a tough season. I came home late from work, house quiet after earlier texts from Ani of battling our little guy. All quiet on the Western Front now.

This is a rare type of moment, to have a quiet house these days, usually after the kids “are in bed”. But I’m just pondering all these things as I sit in the rocking chair across from our 6mo old Kateri in her crib.

I’m thankful for the peace but I don’t long for it. The action is being in the game. While the hours and efforts of labor are long, the craziness of being home is where the heart is. Thanks to my wife @pierogalini for riding the bronco of 3-four and under. I know it’s crazy, but I love you and you’re a rockstar.

#family #vocation #childrenarecray #loveit #dream #do #berighteous #dadlife #husbandandwife #casadejarosz

Best of the socials! This is transferred from the Righteous Co. Instagram page to put writings in one location. Follow along @righteousco for more Righteous content.

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