Newborn Ponderings

One of my favorite (but happy when it’s over) moments as a dad with newborns is the late-night ponderings. Often pacing and swaying with baby in arm you think about life as seconds tick by. Those seconds can feel so long on little sleep but those are seconds you won’t get back. They’re already done. Before you know it, newborn time is done.

The thoughts I had last night were about how amazing the newborn experience is. We’re formed in a comfy warm womb, we know little of the outside. When Kateri was ready, out she came, through a rather traumatic experience for a baby, into a different experience. From breathing liquid to air, using new senses of light and smell, now having poop squirt out your butt, and having to work for your food in the mouth you didn’t think needed before.

I then thought about how that experience is always unfolding or needing to unfold for us later. How a traumatic and challenging moment can force us to grow and use new senses. From one world to another. But we’re made for it. Right from the beginning.

So if Kateri can do it. You can too right now. Whatever challenge you find yourself in, embrace the cross. Lean into it. It’s different and difficult, but wow it’s worth it when you find you have room to grow.

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