Exercise 2 – My GUI


Here is my GUI for exercise 2. This was the first GUI I’ve built on photoshop and learned the importance of placement. It’s important to place your icons, text and other components well on the page. Spacing is important for it to look right. I’m glad I could exercise placement with this project and am looking forward to doing more of it.

Since I’ve been building websites on the side, I find this project useful in laying the foundation for the design aspect of them.

Reading #3

Coding has always been an intimidating topic for me. I’ve always had the mindset of letting more interested people take care of the technical aspects of the web. However coding is so important in crafting your own machinery. There is an impression that to be good at coding to create masterpieces would really a whole career. I’d rather put my effort into other areas of design and business, however if coding is something that is attainable I’d be interested in learning it. I just don’t want to spend a long time learning it to only be able to do basic construction. The old addage, “If you’re going to do something, do it well,” really applies here.

I find that I can appreciate both sides of the ball when it comes to open source and closed source software. I think it takes two different minds to create either and both are necessary to the world. Hats off to anyone who can pull off great design and code. A recent masterpiece is the new Jurassicworld.com site. Seriously good.

Exercise 1 – Let’s get a puppy

Here is my shameless plug to get a dog. I learned a lot of the basics about Photoshop, a real foundational project. I learned about putting the text tool along the boarder of a shape to write along the edge. I learned how to use different layers and put a foreground and background image in place. I also started to learn how to use the layering mask. I need to spend more time on these to really get them down but I was able to complete a basic project and attempt to convince my girlfriend into a puppy in the future.

Adams project copy