Not good… yet.

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” 

– Victor Hugo

I watched a talk years ago by Simon Sinek, the corporate soothsayer, where he encouraged the audience to not be discouraged by an early lack of progress in an endeavor. This talk stuck with me and sat in my mind.

“Maybe your business hasn’t grown… yet.”

“Maybe you didn’t get the promotion… yet.” 

“Maybe you’re not good… yet.” 

I’ve heard this repeated a number of ways since then. It’s rather simple really. Get started, apply yourself, don’t give up.

Just like with compound interest, time can be on your side. That early imposter syndrome and lack of confidence can kill designs of the heart. We can put things away too early and throw in the towel before it blooms.

You have these designs put on your heart to do. We all do, no matter the discipline you come from. That nagging call that comes back. Maybe you’re not that good at it… yet – but get started and give yourself the space to grow.

It doesn’t matter what age or position in life you find yourself, what the design is, or what resources you have – start. 

— Adam Jarosz

Founder/Leadership Coach

Righteous Co.

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