Reading # 6 – Jane McGonigal TEDtalk

This was an interesting perspective on games. Hearing a designer talk about the future of games as a way to move culture forward is an oddly intriguing concept. I’m back and forth between whether or not games are helpful or otherwise. I’ve learned various concepts such as history, economics, and strategy through games like Civilization. As a kid learning how to use markets and learning about Napoleon well before it was taught in class certainly has helped me gain an edge in these topics. Not to mention the popular fun games like Sonic was just good to play with my brothers.

However knowing a few gamers myself, I find that the all consuming games have created zombies who withdraw from culture and don’t develop good communication or social skills. Games like Call of Duty create an opportunity for vocal gamers to trash talk in ways that wouldn’t be appropriate for real life. Often times, these are little kids playing with older men who pick up on these cues and become confused on what is acceptable and not. I think there needs to be caution in driving people further into the realm of virtual reality. Games can provide constructive education but they can also decimate a persons potential.

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